Saturday, July 4, 2009

Millport Baptist Vacation Bible School - Boomerang Express!

We had the MOST awesome VBS this year with our new preacher and his wife - it was absolutely a BLAST! Here are some pics of the fun time we had. Anytime you're in the mood to praise the Lord, come on by Millport Baptist Church - we'd LOVE to have you!

Christy, Noah, and Brother David dancing the Boomerang Express! :)

Brother David preaching God's Word.

Mrs. Freeman, Gary, and Tucker (with Jewel and Doug behind them) gettin' some religion!

Here is the cupcake croc I made for Family Night for VBS. Cute, huh?

Lindsey Homan had horse rides for the kids on Family Night - too fun!

Isn't it wonderful to see old friends again? LOL This is Beth and Tucker - aren't they precious? We've got a picture of them at last year's Family Night sitting beside each other in their baby seats. :)

Can you tell that Tucker likes to swing?

This is after Tucker's first experience with a chocolate covered donut. I would say that he feels very happy about Family Night at Millport Baptist, wouldn't you? :)

Millport Baptist Services
Sunday School: 9:25am
Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study: 6:00pm
Come see us!

Ashlynn's Softball Swimming Party

Here's Ashlynn - READY TO SWIM ALL DAY!!! :)

Ashlynn and Megan in a chicken fight - with Holden supervising. :)

Michelle and Lindsay - more chicken fighting! Whew!
You know these girls slept good that night!

Just wanted to post a few pics of Ashlynn's softball swimming party. This was her first year playing softball and she really enjoyed it. She even learned to pitch (slow pitch), but wasn't crazy about playing that position. Maybe she'll get a position she really loves next year. :) Anyway, her coaches decided to celebrate the end of the season by having a swimming party for the girls. You can see by the pics they had a great time! :)


More Pics From July 3rd - Since I Can't Figure Out The Layout of This Blogging!

Here's Gary - he's talking to his parents, trying to decide which steaks we'll cook on the 4th. After 5 minutes of much discussion, we still had no decision. LOL

Gary is getting his fishing gear together for our trip. :)

Yippidog - bless his heart - he must be 200 years old in people years, but somehow he manages to keep going and going. Tucker adores him. Can't say the feeling is mutual though. :)

Tucker the Gardener - ever so helpful. ;)

How We Spend Our Days...At Least How We Spent Yesterday

Well, yesterday here is what we did:
  • FINALLY hooked up the DVD/VCR converter in the BR (this has only taken me two years to do).
  • Moved the Wii from Ashlynn's BR to ours (more room for all of us to play, plus we can keep up with the games and remotes better - no offense Ash!) :)
  • Cleaned and sprayed off the porch (MUCH better! Now it only looks like a few of Sanford & Son's relatives live here).
  • Weeded the flowerbeds (a little). See the pic of the one I started on - it's a "before" pic. :)
    Make sure you check out the "after" pic of the flowerbeds already worked on!!
  • Played with the new Nikon camera while watching the hummingbirds...speaking of which, why do the hummingbirds all want to eat out of the old, squished up feeder versus the beautiful new teardrop shaped feeder or the nice and shiny glass, flat-bottomed feeder complete with resting station)?
  • Watered the tomatoes and peppers (including Gary's upside-down tomato plants...I'll have to post some pics of his homemade topsy-turvy planter made from a huge bucket - he's so innovative)!
  • CLEANED HOUSE - including repeatedly picking up books and toys and of course items that Tucker felt needed to be spread out rather than neatly put away.
  • Gary began getting his fishing stuff together for our river trip, including packing his "rooster tail," for those of you who are up on the whole fishing scene. :)
  • Tucker worked hard in the garden, on moving switches and knobs on Gary's manly machines in the shop, and generally being an active kiddo.
  • Ashlynn slept late, spent some time with Sissy and Lou-Lou (her adorable dogs), did several chores, and tested out the Wii in its new location. She also set up a Facebook page, since several of her friends (and her Mom and Nana) have one. :)

I can't figure out how to post the pictures the way I want to, so I'm going to add a few more after this post - I don't have time to really play with this thing this morning. :)