Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tucker Tantrums, Cows, and Garbage

I realize that with everything going on, we all tend to get too busy and overlook a few household chores, turn a blind eye to things that "someone" should do, and generally cruise on along in the hopes that "someone" will handle an obviously pressing situation. Care to guess what I'm talking about? Take a look at the picture:

Why do people do this? Why do they pile more and more garbage on top of (literally) a can that is overflowing and needs to be taken care of? My children at school do it and my children at home do it (and yes, I'm counting Gary as one of my kids this time). :) What gives? This sort of ranks right up there with not replacing the toilet paper after you've used the last square (although I admit the garbage situation really doesn't put anyone in quite such an unhappy and awkward position as the toilet paper thing can), putting empty cracker boxes back in the pantry (Gary), or keeping two billion empty and half-empty shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower (Ashlynn). Ahh, the tiny annoyances of everyday life - makes you appreciate how small our worries are in comparison with others I guess. Okay....I'm off my soapbox....for now. :)

How did we spend our day? Well, here is a montage of photos to help you visualize how the Fabulous Freeman Four spent Monday, July 6, 2009.

  • Took garbage out (obviously).
  • Began loading the car (I know it's an S.U.V., but I just can't get used to saying that)!

  • Tucker declared that he was ready to leave and had all that he needed.
  • Watched Tucker watch a cattle auction on T.V. Seriously.
That auctioneer put him RIGHT to sleep. And he slept SO peacefully...for about 40 minutes.
  • Guess who didn't get their nap out?
  • Fed our cows across the street.
  • Okay, THEY fed the cows, I took pictures. :)
  • Laughed until I cried at Tucker's "diaper wedgie."

  • Diaper wedgie's are obviously not too fun - sorry son!
  • Admired my beautiful daughter (who got her haircut last night - thanks Momma Freeman!)
  • Watched Tucker drive his car.
  • Watched Tucker have a bad experience with his car.
  • Watched Gary fix Tucker's cap after the bad experience with the car.
  • Wondered how many years of therapy this child will need before he hits his teen years.