Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's...

This summer we all realized just how grown up our Tuckerman had become...and Mrs. Freeman told us, and we agreed, that Tucker needed to be around other children at least PART of the week while Mom and Dad are off educating our future leaders...SO, Tucker is now enrolled two days a week at "Miss Tiffany's" daycare (Doodlebugs).

The first day, big sis Ashlynn came to the rescue and stayed with Tucker in his new environment for the first half of the day. All was fine until he woke up from his nap and was a bit confused as to where he was...and who these people were. Dad swooped in to save the day and took the little man back to work with him (it was a teacher inservice day, so no kids were harmed in the swooping and saving of Little Tuckerman).

The next day, Tucker did much better. However, Tucker's Dad is a bit depressed at being the person responsible for dropping him off at the daycare - it's really hard on his heart to hear his "Little Buddy" cry and howl for him as he leaves to go to work.

Each day Tucker goes, he is getting more comfortable with Miss Tiffany and the other children, and it doesn't hurt that Miss Tiffany jetted out after his first visit to find some new tractor and truck toys for Tucker to play with.

Miss Tiffany is such a jewel, she even allows Tucker to watch the RFD channel occasionally on the playroom T.V. We are so blessed to have the best of both worlds: a daycare setting full of other children and lots of love...and childcare at Grandma and Grandpa's the rest of the time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summertime Memories... goes by so quickly...

Up by 5am every morning and working hard to teach my Little Darlins each day
has gotten me back into a reminiscing state of mind...just thinkin' about
our enjoyable, family-filled summer has lifted my spirits
today...but boy I sure do with I could relive
some of my favorite summer '09 memories...


Tucker's First Boating Trip to the River

Lunch with Good Friends (I miss you Kristy!)

Ashlynn's First Set of Motorized Wheels
(PLEASE be careful on that thing Ashlynn!!)

Vacation Bible School Memories
from Millport Baptist Church

Yes, it seems summer comes and goes all too quickly...
but I bet if we look hard enough with hope,
and pray lovingly enough with faith,
our fall and winter
will be just as blessed!

My Second Home...

This is where I've been...
South Lamar School - Home of the Stallions...and the home-away-from-home for many of Lamar County's Finest Educators...toiling away long hours in the hopes that our "Little Darlins" will grow up and go forth into the world wiser, more prepared, and more loved than they were before we met them.

This is where I've been....

Changing THIS...

...into this...

This is where I've been...

Cheering on these guys...

...and this coach...

...with these ladies...

This is where I've been...

Spending the larger part of my days with these cuties...


...instead of with these cuties...

So now 'ya know and 'ya don't have ta' ask, "Where ya' been?"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

why life with a 16-month-old is never boring...

Why is life with a toddler so exciting you say? Well, here are just a few examples of why no one rests easy in our home...except when the little devil is asleep or off on an adventure with his grandparents (or some other brave soul):

  • You're on a never-ending hunt for the T.V. remote and when you FINALLY find it, it's in the oddest of places (between the kitchen sink cabinet and the oven, in your husband's boot, under a pile of unwrapped, albeit thankfully clean, toilet paper...need I go on?).
  • You find yourself clapping along enthusiastically every time the little fella' throws something in the garbage can (nevermind that he usually drags something out of the garbage can specifically so he can throw it back in so that he can hear his audience applaud him). Can boys be divas??
  • The words "tractor," "daddy," and "bath" all kick off a flurry of toddler excitement that can only be expressed in shrieks and spastic dance moves.
  • You always have someone available who will be more than happy to push the little red panic button on your car key remote entry and alert the neighbors to that handy little alarm device...the neighborhood dogs especially appreciate that noise.
  • You find yourself sprinting across the living room more often than you'd like in order to snatch the remote control to the satellite out of someone's tiny fingers...preferably before that tiny someone clicks "Yes" to the question, "Confirm Purchase?" for the MLB sports package that can be paid in three easy payments of $29.99.
  • Because it is amazing to realize that this child can reach things six feet off the ground and four times the length of his tiny arms away from the remote...or the car keys with that nifty red panic button.
  • Because who else do you know that loves to boogie down to the Toyota Prius and McDonald's commercials?

Redneck Destiny???

Okay, if anyone out there is wondering if your son may be destined to one day grow up into a handsome young redneck, here are a few
red flags that might get your attention...

Clue #1: If your son received a gun while still in may grow up to be a redneck. (Thanks Mr. Freeman!)

Clue #2: If the mere uttering of the word "tractor" makes you break into an elaborate set of dance moves before you can even may
grow up to be a redneck.

Clue #3: If you once teethed on the moist bottom of a Pepper's Deli cup or your favorite toy used to be an empty (and clean) Skoal may grow up to be a redneck. (Thanks Honey!)

Clue #4: If Fried Pork Skins are a favorite treat soon after you start to may grow up to be a redneck. (Sorry piggy!)

Clue #5: If NASCAR races are almost as interesting as anything on the RFD channel (oh, come on, you know - the agriculture channel that has tractor shows, horse whisperers, and cattle feeding techniques...don't deny that you record the tractor pulls!) may grow up to be a redneck.

Clue #6: If your favorite color seems to be "camo" and you can easily and comfortably pose next to a Ford pickup while wearing your camo overalls (and wearing your matching camo cap) may grow up to be a redneck.

Clue #7: Your dad grows tomatoes in upside-down 5-gallon may grow up to be a redneck.

Feel free to post any additional "red flags" that you
may be aware of in the comments section. :)