Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to Reality...

  • After a WONDERFUL few days in God's backyard, it was back to reality for the Fabulous Freeman Four:

  • Messes to clean...
Don't 'cha just love how everyone "unpacks" by simply lugging their
stuff from the car to the house and then dropping it wherever it lands...
I assume in the hopes that the "After Vacation Fairy" will pay
them a visit...and she always does...ahem...
no need to thank me...excuse me while I
adjust my fairy wings... *wink*wink

  • Beds to make (see opening photo)

  • Laundry to do...ahh...the Laundry Fairy...another of my aliases

  • Grass to cut...okay, there's "Chore Fairy Junior" workin' her magic

  • Children to bathe...

  • Check off "children to bathe" - that's been taken care of.
What? It's better than a baby-wipe wipedown bath!!

  • Veggies to tend.

  • Dogs to love (they REALLY missed us).
  • And for some of us....

...naps to take.