Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Trip Prepping...and, oh yeah, Happy Birthday America!

We really are a patriotic family, really. Just drive by our house and look at the ENORMOUS U.S. flag that hangs from our porch. But we're so excited to be getting away from it all here soon, that we've simply been running, running, running to get stuff done. Here is how the Fabulous Freeman Four spent the 4th of July:

  • Ashlynn did her chores, including her part for saving the environment, going green, reducing greenhouse gasses, improving climate control, etc., by crushing the aluminum cans our family so smartly keeps and recycles. See pics for proof. :)

  • Gary asked me if we had any bread for our cookout. By bread, he meant BBQ bread, and no, we didn't have any, but we did have some Texas Toast, which Gary didn't seem too happy about.
  • Gary spent a LOT of time cleaning out, cleaning in, washing, waxing, and buffing his boat. Tucker helped.

  • Gary spent a few minutes setting up the sprinkler so that Tucker would help him less.

  • Stripped Tucker down and gave him a bath.
  • I went to the grocery store for the THIRD time this week to pick up - yep, you guessed it - BBQ bread.
  • Got rid of a few unwanted guests - no, not noisy neighbors or annoying animals - just a few red wasps - UGH! I can't stand those things.
  • I marinated steaks for us and my wonderful in-laws (seriously - they're worth their weight in gold).
  • Momma Freeman calls to see if I want the BBQ bread she told Gary that she had earlier this week...when they first talked about cooking out on the fourth...the same kind of bread I went to the store for the THIRD time this week to buy.
  • I ask Dear Husband why he didn't just mention his mom's offer of bread and he mumbled something about being forgetful and then felt the urge to refill Tucker's sippy cup of juice. Don't ya just love men? LOL :)
  • Checked the hummingbird feeders. They still fight over the crumpled, old one but are beginning to consider the other shinier, newer feeders.

  • Changed Tucker's diaper...didn't catch him quick he tinkled...on me, on himself, and on the floor.
  • Gave Tucker another bath.
  • Searched high and low for the the one specific cooking fork my dear husband must have to cook steaks - he relied on the roughly 6 others we have until I could locate the original "must have."
  • Ate the most WONDERFUL, DELICIOUS steak Dear Husband has ever cooked (did I mention he can grill a mean steak).
  • Ate too much.
  • Promised self to make up for it tomorrow by eating only nuts and berries. HA!
  • Ended the day listening to the Halo's Fireworks Show in Millport while starting on another book. Thanked my lucky stars to be an American and said a prayer of thanks to God for all my many blessings. Hope your 4th was just as rewarding!