Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remembering September 11th

One of our awesome teacher assistants, Miss Heather,
somehow managed to single-handedly organize an amazing tribute to
area "heroes" (rescue squad, EMT, sheriff, police, air-evac, etc.) in remembrance of 9-11.
Here are some glimpses into the fun the kids
(and teachers) had that day.

Here are the elementary kids anxiously awaiting the arrival
of the highlight of the tribute: the Air-Evac Helicopter!

COOL! :)

Ashlynn thought the helo was pretty awesome, as did her classmates.

Third grade began the tour of heroes with our fearless chief of police, Chief Allred. He let the kids get inside his car, honk his horn, and even run the sirens and lights! He wanted to
show the lights off to us, in case we'd never seen them. I told him
that was great, but that I was as familiar as I wanna be
with those blue lights! :)

The Lamar County Sheriff brought their cool-as-ice-truck and robot (see below).
Pretty knarly, huh? :)

If you look closely, in the big wad of kids (Ashlynn's class), you can see
the robot...the little black thing that looks like
a very flat version of WALL-E. :)
Who knew Millport was so high-tech?!

Mrs. Dotson and I took a moment for a friendly
photo-op in between stations. Aahh..what fearless
third grade leaders we are...LOL.

The Rescue Squad was working hard, teaching the kids about
the ambulance and the many people who work
together to save lives in our area
every day.

Here is a great specimen of some of the great ladies of
South Lamar. Note the umbrellas to keep the sun
off their delicate skin. Gosh I love these gals! :)

Below is the banner that Lisa Wright and Heather Fields made. If you
look closely enough, you can see into my incredibly junky and messy classroom right
above the sign. :)