Tuesday, February 9, 2010

happiest place on earth? Disney....noisest place on earth? Hospitals

Mother of MomtheBomb gave us all quite a scare in November...having to have emergency bowel surgery, she ended up in the hospital a LOT longer than predicted, expected, or worried about due to complications. But boy was she a trouper - she, unlike our much missed Grandnan - was a wonderful patient to all those caring nurses, doctors, and busy bee workers at Gilmore Memorial Hosptial in Amory, MS. Rarely complaining (okay, well, except for the whole hot/cold issue...at 20 below zero, she was rocking the hospital gown look while fanning herself and drinking ice cold water...the rest of us smiled...and froze), SteelMagnoliaMom was polite and accommodating. I was impressed (but then, SteelMagnoliaMom often impresses me). After all she'd been through, had it been me, they would've rushed me out the door with an IV in one hand and a fresh, made-of-1-ply-napkins-hospital-gown in the other. 

We're happy to report that SteelMagnoliaMom has returned home after her long stay at the germ factory (I'm sorry, but hospitals make me feel all germy) and has been progressing quite well with her recovery, thanks in large part to ThatDogWon'tHuntDad - he's been a gem, waiting on her hand and foot and even doing ***GASP**** housework and food duty. It's truly nice to see two people who love each other so much. They are an inspiration. Yep...riding the mushy train again - toot-toot! What can I say? I love my mom and my bonus dad and you would to if ya knew 'em. But seriously - ThatDogWon'tHuntDad doing laundry? Sweeping floors? Cooking? I woulda paid good money to see THAT...but I would pay even MORE money to see my very own KingDaddy do such things...*whew* you'll have to excuse me...the thought of Kingdaddy performing such incredible acts has made me all woozy...I think I better go lie down...
bless my heart.

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