Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there's somethin' special goin' on here...

My baby girl turned 11...and is goin' to skip the entire next 14 years and go straight to 25. Agh!

I knew this day would come. And it did. WAY faster than I wanted it to, but boy has it been a fun ride. Ashlynn (aka Chore Fairy Jr) has been the shining light in my world for eleven years now and I still cannot figure out what I did that was so right to deserve such an amazing, beautiful daughter. I know. I'm gushing. I'm a mom. We do that. Now, canIcontinueplease? 

She's incredibly smart - and by incredible, I mean, holy-crap-how-did-you-know-that-and-when-have-you-found-the-time-to-discover-all-this-information? Spelling? Check. English? Check. Math? Check, check. She makes my life as a mom to an eleven year old amazingly easy. She can do it all and do it well. The girl's also got a talent for writing and I'm hopeful that one day, she'll be able to pursue that as a career. She's got something special goin' on there...I know, I know - in her words, I "don't count because" I'm "the mom." Whatever Chore Fairy Jr. ;)

She can sing like nobody's business. All my life I've envied people with strong, beautiful voices like hers. It's an absolute pleasure to hear her belt out a song, whether we're in the car or she's maneuvering TMan's toys in the floor while doing her chores. Now, if I could only convince her to lend those pipes to the Millport Baptist Church Choir, we'd be onto something...'cause the girl's got something special goin' on. 

Beauty? Well, duh. Look at the photos.
Go ahead, admire her in all her glory (and try to ignore the way her hair sticks out in some of the sillier pics - okay, TOTALLY kidding...that was strictly for Chore Fairy Jr.'s benefit, LOL). 

Are you don't yet? No? I understand. I'm often dazzled by her as well. Take all the time you need...I'll wait.

{{{{this is me waiting patiently}}}}

Okay, enough all ready! Let's get back to ME and what I was saying about this girl that's got somethin' special goin' on.

Of course we had to celebrate such awesomeness - it's not every day a gal goes from age 10 to 11 and then just skips on up to age 25, so we partied in style. Two of her BFF's came over and they embarked on an all nighter of make-up, photo shoots, vampire tales (and fangs), scary B movies (the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" anyone?), and party crashers (really just party crashER...it was this funny, short little fella with some sort of sucking device in his mouth...went by the name "TMan."). Below is our photographic evidence of such revelry. 



Nothin' like some nice painted faces and vampire teeth to get your party on...

Here is A.B. vogueing...or is she flashing the peace sign? Or is flashing the peace sign considered vogueing and she's doing both? Plhfft! Who cares - she looks adorable doin it...whatever it is you call it that she's doing.

Here is Double L fighting off the paparazzi, including a small party crasher... 

Sorry Short Stuff, your name's not on the guest list...gonna have ta' jet...

Here the birthday girl is clearly gettin' her groove on with some of the members of the pumpkin gallery...let's all gawk and wish we were more like her...


The Pumpkin Gallery...aka the paparazzi that that Lady Goo-goo woman sings about. 

Wonder how many years of therapy this is gonna cost us? 

High-Five on the agreed number of therapy years: 2.3 to be exact. 
Until next year...this is MomtheBomb signing off. 
Happy Birthday Ashlynn - you TOTALLY ROCK!

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